Why we want realize the project?

There is a


Private mobility in fast growing urban areas represents a challenge for traffic and space overcrowding, environmental pollution and social impact (market access limited, stress for drivers and passengers).

Our solution

We are the


Emoviti is the solution is the solution we propose to make private mobility (battery operated electric), connected network economical, responding to the need for autonomy of people with low impact of resources both to access it and to maintain it.

Emoviti is based on a new development paradigm, focusing the design of the vehicle on the real needs of the final users among their living environment, without recurring to implementation of new (resource-hungry and expensive) technology: we’re going to use mature, low-cost and low-impact technologies already on the market only!



Emoviti a future project of mobility

Market trends show that, in rapidly developing and emerging countries (China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan), the question of vehicles for private mobility is rising with a sloping forecast in 2030, over 200 million cars produced:> 65% of this amount is Expected to be distributed in urban areas.

Total automotive world market reached more 250B USD in 2014 with about 65M car production in that year. Emoviti is targeting to reach all those countries as well as European and US based ones.


Emoviti Business model

Business model we adopt is an iterative (and potentially circular) process: currently we’re completing the prototyping phase (TRL3) after having identified all technical aspects and also potential manufacturers (in Europe). Next steps will involve trials and certifications, hence we’re looking for partners across all the countries we target to reach.

We target to reach the Launch (TRL7/8) by the second quarter of 2020!

Why Emoviti is

the Better?

Emoviti has no need of a specialized assembly plant, it can be assembled all over the world with an easy-to-set up assembling facility.

Emoviti is low-cost: it uses mostly COTS and mature technologies already available and consolidated on the market.

Emoviti is low-impact: no need for large power storing battery cells and high power outlet for recharging, it has the lowest Low-Impact-Vehicle Factor (measured as number of seats over weight per and over footprint) wrt its competitors.

Emoviti is sustainable: all components of assembly have been designed taking care of their recycling and reuse process from the origin. All energy & resources spending are monitored across the assembling chain.

Emoviti is always connected: the heart/mind of the vehicle is designed to directly connected with your smart-phone/tablet.

News & Blog

Here you can find every notice or news about our concept city car or electric development upgrade.

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