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The Company Innovation Planning Consultancy and Construction srl in short IPC² srl takes shape in 2016 from a business vision that puts at the center of its interests the sharing of environmental and human ecological values in order to contribute to the material and spiritual progress of society. With this vision, through the e-Moviti® brand, it has developed a business project aimed at the research and development of light three-wheel electric vehicles for the mobility of all people.


A new concept

Emoviti project is based on e new development paradigm focusing on the real needs of users.


Green project

Low impact, low cost, low energy and sustainable technologies.



We plan to function with a new perspective from the bottom to up (BSM) low-cost and low-impact technologies already on the market only.



It uses mostly COTS and mature technologies already available and consolidated on the market and an easy-to-set up assembling facility.

Emoviti vehicles are developed with innovative and technological features that are not found in the current market of electric vehicles, but at the same time are available in the production cycle of the design market. Safety is faced and solved with a closed cell steel structure tubular able to protect against collisions in compliance with the strictest European standards. It should be noted that nowadays the production of welded tube chassis is made economical by the new CNC bending machines and welding robots, offering a valid alternative to the considerably more expensive molded sheet. Reliability is inherent in the choice of components and their intrinsic overall function characterized by the constructive simplicity that allows a dimensional overabundance also in the safety coefficients. The cost-effectiveness is not only closely linked to the obsessive search for solutions already available on the market but is one of the cornerstones on which the design choices are based .

Meet our team

Our team is basically composed of 3 main figures: the project manager, the technical manager and the communication manager.

News & Blog

Here you can find every notice or news about our concept city car or electric development upgrade.

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